Money Vista ‘Savings Watch’

MoneyVista has launched Savings Watch to help savers beat inflation, It also helps them easily keep track of and maximise their savings.

Savings Watch is fab, look at what it can do!

Firstly it can identify the current interest rate on your savings account;and show you savings accounts that pay higher interest. It sends you an alert if your bank drops the interest rate on your savings account and  if new products that pay higher interest rates become available.

It does all the hard work for you and helps you make the most of your savings. How cool!

This is important because…

Three quarters of the UK’s 3,345 savings accounts* pay less than the rate of inflation according to Moneyfacts. Savings Watch from MoneyVista is a new service which keeps track of the interest rates your savings accounts are earning. MoneyVista’s Savings Watch will alert you when your savings rate falls and shows you how what you coudl gain by switching. You can also use Savings Watch to search the savings market for the best accounts for you.

It also lets you know when your introductory bonus or your fixed rate is coming to an end. It sends an alert one month before your rate is due to end to remind you to look around. How handy is that!

MoneyVista and financial planning 

MoneyVista is a totally brilliant online financial planning tool that helps you create a personal financial plan that is easy to see,update and use.You simply enter information on your income, outgoings, property, pensions and savings, and then you can create a financial plan in a matter of minutes and start taking control of your finances

Moneyvista is able to show you how a decision made in one area can affect the rest of your finances. It also answers queries such as how can I be sure to have the best option for my on my savings and when can I  to retire?

MoneyVista is backed by Royal London Group and your  data will never be sold or passed on AND advertising on the website – how nice is that! All customers get a 30 day free trial to MoneyVista and you never have to give card details suring your trial.

Visit here for more information about MoneyVista’s Savings Watch.

The Savings Watch widget from MoneyVista could help you beat inflation and make the most out of your savings. Check out MoneyVista’s Savings Watch and why not test out the widget yourself . I would love you to share your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

I think this looks really useful and will stop me being complacent and lazy about where I  stash my savings!



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