Shadow Theatre and Play

Did you see  Britain’s Got Talent 2013, Attraction, featuring some of their amazing shadow theatre and dancing on the latest Swinton Insurance national TV ad. (Take a look here if you haven’t caught it yet!)

Well Swinton sent me a shadow activity pack to play with with our kids to create our own stories. Oh we loved it. Such good old fashioned story telling fun and not a hint of technology in sight. We are going to be able to add to the collection by cutting out black card and using lollysticks or skewers and making our own shadow characters.Apart from that all you need is a white sheet and light behind it.

Oh and some imagination!

I  think they will  keep us entertained for years to come.Eventually the kids should be writing their own stories and making us popcorn !

Here is our shadow puppet story…

One night when the moon was high in the sky

A robber robbed an old creaky house and ran off into the night with his goodies

He didn’t know though that the house was haunted andthe ghostie was going to get her own back!

shadow theatre

How much fun!


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