Portable Micro Amp for Guitarists (Fathers Day!)

Sometimes blogging means I am sat for hours at the computer ignoring my other half and generally annoying him. Sometimes however I am flavour of the month because of blogging. This month I was asked to review the Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp on sale at Prezzybox for £27.99.To say my guitar loving other half loved it is an understatement.

He now thinks he is a rockstar!

I can tell you with certainty it makes a great big noise and just clips easily onto jeans waistbands so easy to take around. It looks brilliant and can run on batteries or plug in a power adapter.

It can be used simply as a speaker or as a awesome Guitar Amp!  You can also plug headphone into it so and not to wake up the kids. Okay not very rock and roll but very, VERY useful.

It has both overdrive and clean modes to allow you to channel your sound and you can control the bass with a tone control.(so says the guitarist of the family am afraid it’s straight over my head!)

micro amp

This would make  a lovely fathers day gift for a guitar loving, dancing dad.


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