Yankee Candle Wild Pansies Review

I love a nice candle and Yankee candles are always good, lovely quality with great scents and  beautifully presented. Their latest range ‘summer garden party’ is just full of colour. It is a range that is sweet, fruity and fresh.

We chose the wild pansies candle to review and it just smells so good. It’s aroma is  floral, earthy and slightly sweet. You really feel you are out in a meadow even when the very typical English weather lets you down.

How pretty is this….

yankee candles wild pansies

Candles make such a lovely addition to the table and one’s like  these just last and last. I always feel that they are a truly lovely way to enhance a home for a small outlay. The fragrance just asdds so much to the atmosphere and the mood always changes with a candle don’t you think?

Candles are always rather romantic too  I feel and can most definitely relax you. There is something so lovely about staring into a flame isn’t there that an electric light just cannot emulate.

The large jar costs £19.99. Not bad for 150 hours of pleasure.

I quite fancy the look of blueberry scone too it might even smell like I have baked!




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