Scrubbing and glowing – quick easy beauty products

Today – quick easy beauty products

Beauty products have to be speedy and effective these days for me to bother using them  and I need speedy and effective results too!

This month I have been trying out Aapri exfoliating facial cleansing pillows. I love Aapri stuff and have been using the facial scrub on and off for many years and it has always worked a treat, These pillows have a textured side to exfoliate an a smooth side to cleanse and you just add a few drop s of water to activate. hey have a subtle peachy aroma too. They certainly made me feel fresh faced and refreshed  and I have been looking a bit bleugh recently. They are recommende for daily use and retail at …..

I have alsobeen trialling the Inecto pure coconut oil leg and body scrub. My knees are  all dry fro kneeling down playing and my legs are a bit bumpy/lumpy these day (oh how glamorous I sound!)  This product contains 100% pure coconut oil and exfoliating particles to remove dry dead skin. You simply massage it into wet skin and rinse. Feels great and definitely does a good smoothing job I have used it each day in the shower for about a week and am happy with the reaults . It reatils at ….

I emerge from all this pampering  a gorgeous goddess

(oh well alright….just a bit more glowy and smooth skinned but that’s got to be a good thing!)


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