School Easter Holidays on a Budget

easter holidays on a budget

Ten days off school for our older kids, all keen to have fun and be entertained. I’m assuming you have managed to budget Easter (I’m thinking the  pound shop for a craft set instead of a cheapy eggs and divvying up some daffs or home made cookies amongst the adults.) Two weeks off school though can reek havoc with a budget. But as ever I have a few ideas – here is one for each of your ten days.

1) Lots of places do free Easter egg hunts. last year we went to Belvoir castle, there was one at John Lewis and at our local windmill. Keep your eyes peeled and ask around.

2) The sun is shining right now so it’s  possibly time to pack a picnic and catch up with some old friends down at the park. Take you moments to send round a text and pack a few balls and skipping ropes and you will have hours of fun.

3) Walking is a lovely way to really reconnect with your kids. Plan to cover a couple of miles and have lots of ideas up your sleeve for if they get whiny. You could collect pretty stones along the way. Stop and draw a lovely flower, they could be in charge of photo’s and they could follow a simple homemade map.

4) Hop on a bus and go somewhere brand new.  Children love buses and adventures and this is a cheap way to do something different.

5)  Have a movie evening. Have a few of their little pals over for tea and a film. Trust me TV and food are the best way to entertain little kids.

6) Have a baking day. We look up easy recipes on the internet, make shopping lists, gather our uingrediaeants and get to it. Banana muffins, choc chip cookies, cheesy pies and fruity skewers  are some of the fab things we have made on our baking days. Taking some of the spoils to granny and the neighbours later  make it all the more fun.

7) Crafty days. Keep hold of your toilet rolls, buttons, bits of dried pasta, odd socks, pipe cleaners, spare bits of wrapping paper, egg boxes, cereal boxes, knitting wool, etc. Purchase glue, scissors  some paint and double sided sticky tape. Head to RedTedArt or google Mr. Maker for loads of crafty ideas. Have fun.

8) Playdates. Simply arrange to have another child over to play. Set out some toys and be clear on behavoiour from the start. You might be able to pop your feet up for a rest whilst they entertain each other!

9) Swimming, practically a free activity these days and loads of fun.

10) Hopefully that playdate child will invite your child back so one of the holiday days is all yous!!! Failing that a trip to he library always provides treasures and story time will always delight!

I wish you a wonderful school holiday x


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