Profile of a budgeting mum: Kara Guppy

Hi, what’s your name?  Kara Guppy (chelseamamma)

Any kids? Yes – 5 (Abbey 18, Callan 14, Kian 11, Isaac 3, Eliza 1)

Do you work? FT/PT?  Not currently but setting up as a childminder

Why do you work?

If you don’t work why don’t you?  Childcare is too expensive, especially when you have more than 1.  We would have to use 2 x nursery places and an afterschool club!

How do you manage for money?  Since my maternity finished it is a real struggle.  We have cut back on everything – even small treats!

Do  you worry about money? Yes

What do you waste money on? We are very good now, but like to treat the kids to a magazine every now and again

Have you made any big financial changes since having kids?  I had my first child at 18 so not really.  We have saved and hubby still saves money through his work save as you earn scheme

How do you make extra cash?  I sell outgrown clothes and toys on ebay / gumtree and netmums, complete Mystery Shops, do online surveys and newspaper reviews

Can you share 3 top budgeting tips for other parents?

1.  Do a meal plan and shopping list before you go shopping and stick to it!!  Don’t be tempted up the non-food aisle or clothing dept

2.  If you have a big purchase coming up, do your research.  When we had our kitchen re-done I saved around £1000 by shopping around

3.  If your kids are young, give them a token birthday / Christmas present as they do not know any different.  I often buy second hand which you pay ¼ of the price for.  Ask grandparents and friends for money to put in their savings a/c



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