Saving for a Baby

Saving for a baby

Are you planning to have a baby? Taking folic acid? There’s something else I really think you need to do too… ( no not that, well yes that but…oh you know what I mean!!)

It’s simple but very effective. If you can,  you really could do with  saving up in advance for the time you want to have off with your baby (whether it be 6 months or 6 years.)

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Start as soon as you can…after your health, it is the best investment you can make for your child. It is also a good way to learn to live on a reduced income before it becomes a necessity. Check the Internet and the high street for great saving schemes and the best interest rates you can find. Make sure you can release the money when you need to though. Ask for cash for birthdays and Christmas, as soon as you even start planning and stash it away. You will NEVER, EVER, EVER regret building up your money in a  savings account

Squirreling away just a few pound a week can amount to a really handy store. Even putting away your change at the end of the day can really add up. Our penny jar bought us in £90 when we were just desperate for a nappy and baby food shop and it lasted us ages when we really needed it. We were so glad we had saved that change.

These days I  have a jar that is sealed and has to be smashed before the money can come out. In my dreams, I’m saving for Lapland (shhh!) but actually the kitchen floor has had it so I think Santa may have to wait and I need to get myself down to B&Q with my stash and a hammer.

Happy saving for a baby making days.



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