Review: My Carry Potty

My friend’s son would only use one potty and is was this big clunkyopen topped thing that she would have to carry around in a carrier bag then dump out somewhere when he had used it. Often carrying it open for a while before she found a toilet. not a nice thought!
I had a travel potty that was tiny and folded up and I had to put fiddly little bags in it. This was portable but very light weight, When the toddlers got bigger it ddin’t feel very substantial and you would be left with a little bag of wee (or worse ) to hold. Hmmm…. there had to be a better way!l
Well I have recently been sent a My Carry Potty . It is billed as ‘the only potty your toddler will ever need.’ It is made from 98% recycled material , has a handle, is sturdy, leakproof and lighweight to carry and it looks cute.
Although we are passed potty training except at night we took this camping with us and it was PERFECT. Saved long treks to the toilet and easy to take out and about on walks. I wish I’d had this back in the day. A really well designed and robust product.
Here is how it looks inside
and here is a  pink version
My Carry Potty retails for £24.99  and  an accompanying Potty Training Book is also available for £6.99 . The book is fab, a little story about potty training with stickers and a reward chart included.
What great products ! Good luck with potty training.
Front Cover
Beautiful Illustrations
Reward chart!


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