Are you looking for some great school name labels?

Baby budgeting has a fabulous new sponsor just in time for school starting! Bright star kids is a fab online shop that sell kids labels for all sorts of items.  Here are some unusual and some fun ones – mini labels for dummies and icon bag tags perfect for PE,  ballet, nursery even.

Ballet Shoes Bag Tag.

Name labels are unavoidable for school items if you don’t want to be forever shelling out on yet more uniform, lunchboxes and waterproofs, I have tried laundry pens before and some have worked though they often dry out quicky, There isn’t always somewhere to write though and they don’t work well on shoes, or plastic or books or bags.

Really if you are looking for School Labels Bright Star Kids value kits are great. They contain 175 labels for almost everything you could think of;  shoes, lunchboxes, books and clothes and come in a variety of ways to apply. Theire is lots of advice on the site about attaching the labels and it is all very straightforward. You can choose your own colour and icon and in order to help my daughter feel VERY involved (first time at school!!) she chose her icon herself. They are super -cute.

The site turns around your design and sends out with 2 days which is great.

School Labels

The website is a must visit and I have to show you this:

You could put up your childs name amidst a host of star wall stickers for £25 (easy on and off no damage!)

I love this. So much cheaper than expensive furniture yet it would look amazing. Another product they sell which is gorgeous is a ladybug sticker that is also a chalk board!

I am so excited about my new sponsor – can you tell!



  1. Send New Baby Flowers
    August 2, 2011 / 3:41 pm

    I had completely forgotten about labels! ARGH!!!!! I need to order some…thanks for the nudge!

  2. August 2, 2011 / 4:47 pm

    This is so adorable. I love how you inscribe the child’s name on just about anything. Love visiting your site.
    Have a wonderful day,

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