Chiquito Restaurant Review

Today  – Chiquito Restaurant Review

Last week we went as a family to review Chiquito which is a restaurant, bar and Mexican grill. I was looking forward to this immensely. Many MANY moons ago I spent some time in Texas and we ate a lot of Mexican food and I am quite partial to it.


Chiquito Restaurant Review

They have recently launched a sizzling new menu which sees delicious new dishes such as Goats’ Cheese and Roasted Vegetable Salad, Blackened Salmon and Jambalaya added. We have been before and had a great meal so we were excited.

Its a lovely warm restaurant that does have a distinctly Mexican feel and you get to stroke the lucky Gecko s head as you enter. The staff were attentive and really seemed knowledgeable about the food. We are strict vegetarians and the kids are a bit fussy ( I know nightmare guests right!) so its always good when the staff know the food well.

The kids got play pack s as soon as we walked in which is always a winner. We had nachos to start with and garlic flat bread and they were delicious and generous starters. The drinks menu was very good – lots of choice and I love their Mocktails. I had a virgin pina colada and it was absolutely yummy.

The children both had a young adults meal and they got a pint of fresh juice for their drink which really impressed me. They had fajitas  and tucked right in.

I had chilli burritos and my husband had fajitas and all the food was hot and fresh and really very tasty

The kids had chocolate fudge sundae for pudding whilst we were just too full.Thers sundaes were gone in an instant but I did swipe a delicious taste!

The place was lovely and the food was really tasty.

The bill came to £73 which included a couple of beers and my Pina Colada. Adult mains were just over £10 each. As we were leaving we were given a little booklet of deals including a 20% off voucher which we used straight away. This made a significant, welcome difference.


Deals at Chiquito

There are often deals at Chiquito so do check them out.

Take a look at our feast!

Chiquito Restaurant Review


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Disclaimer: we were given a voucher towards our meal for the purpose of this review



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