Ecobubbles washing machine and the polar bear attack.

Look what happened to the crew when they were filming the ecobubble commercial….

What a brilliant ad!

Ecobubbles are pretty amazing washing machines actually……

Eco-friendly and good value…

Samsung’s new Ecobubble range of washing machines washing machines that come with extremely environmentally friendly credentials They can deliver impressive wash results at just 15°C, using 70% less energy than a normal wash cycle. It also comes with a special heater which triples its lifetime and heats quickly further reducing energy consumption.

Samsung’s Ecobubble technology works by mixing air with the water and detergent to form bubbles. This results in the detergent being thoroughly dissolved so that the bubbles can penetrate the clothes rapidly, getting detergent right into the fibres, because it does this so quickly you don’t need high temperatures.

Ecobubble Technology also delivers advanced fabric care, promising to offer gentle washing that will protect the most delicate of items. As less mechanical action is required there is less wear  on clothes.And it’s Quiet


Ecobubble washing machines are VERY quiet, as they have a unique Quiet Drive Motor which works without belts or pulleys reducing vibrations and noise. This also makes it more durable and comes with a 10 year guarantee.



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