Review: Boursin sun-ripened tomato, onion & chive flavour

Boursin’s latest soft cheese has sun-ripened tomato, onion & chive and we were sent some to try

Here is what they have to say about it….

Using only the finest ingredients, Boursin’s latest creation combines its signature creamy, crumbly soft cheese with plump sun-ripened tomatoes and aromatic onions and chives. The rich intensity of this delicious new summer flavour tantalises the tastebuds, developing bite after bite, evoking sensations of warm Mediterranean sunshine and decadent outdoor dining.

We just want to say, Yum! (such sophisticated foodies here!)

This was really tasty and flavourful. We love Boursin and this really adds to the range. We had it on hot toast, fresh baguettes even in tortillas with crisp lettuce. Really lovely  and a great addition to this great veggie friendly range.

Boursin’s sun-ripened tomato, onion & chive flavour is available now at Tesco & Morrisons, in the speciality cheese section alongside the rest of the Boursin range, available at £2.20 per 150g.

Boursin is the  UK’s number one branded soft speciality cheese today All products are made using highest quality ingredients, with no artificial colourings. See for more information



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