Looking good in the summer – brand new products

Well it’s product review time again and I have been sent some very interesting things lately. First up is this…a perfumed fan. I ‘m not a delicate, polished kind of lady that would ever carry a fan or even remembers perfume most of the time but I did like the…

perfumed fan

Radiantly Romantic Summer Scented Hand Fan by Daniel Vaudd.

Crafted in the traditional Japanese style; this scented hand fan is an elegant and chic solution to staying cool and fragrant this summer. Apparently this one for the fashion forward – that’ll be me then!!!?

Ethically sourced
Completely biodegradable
Infused with pure Radiantly Romantic Extract
Scent lasts for up to 3 months before re-scenting

anyway all I know is it smelt really nice, cooled me down and made me feel serene in summer holiday chaos. Might I feel a numpty getting it out at the park? Well maybe but at home or in the garden I can pretend I am my granny and a lady of serenity. The fan retails at £14.95. Avaiable online


UltraSun Sunscreen

You cannot look good is you are the shade of a tomato, it hurts, its ageing ,
damaging and potentially a major long health rik. This appolies to you and your kids. Fact.

We were sent Ultrasun family 30 – available in 100ml, £18 and 150ml, £24 to trial. Perfect for all the family including little ones, ultrasun family 30 delivers very high, all day protection with just one application. It’s easy to use,non-staining, non-greasy, water-resistant and free from perfume, emulsifiersand preservatives reducing the risk of allergy

This stuff worked really well, went on smoothly and because it was the same bottle for all of us I even remembered myself for once!


To find out more you can find them on facebook or follow on twitter at @ultrasunuk


OralB Pro Expert toothpaste

This toothppaste has taken 15 years to make and has undergone over 70 trials . It apparently does *everything*  so no need for diferent toothpastes for different things. Oral B say they are very proud of their pro expert toothpaste which is released this month. I think it has rather an odd taste like you get at the dentist, but you do feel very clean after using it. The claims it make show outstanding results compared to other toothbushes. I shall continue to use it and see.

RRP:£3.49 for 75ml.

Oral B Pro Expert All Around Mild Mint Toothpaste




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