Dealcollecter – like Groupon but with more deals

Dealcollecter is a really simple idea. It takes all the great deals going on in you city and presents them to you on a daily basis.

Just like with Groupon you look up your city. You will then get an overview of all the great deals going off in your area. If you like one you can purchase a coupon for it. That’s it really. Simples. Fabulous city deals.

How does it work?

The shops in their overview (Groupon, Wahanda, kgb deals, Crowdity) negotiate special deals for you
every day, with the local businesses in your city. These could be, for instance, deals for meals out, beauty treatments or event offers. These shops mange to get such good deals because they are sending lots of people towards the business.

Every day new deals are offered, these are called  daily deals -they  are always offered for just one day
although they are often valid for about a year. Be sure to check out terms and conditions.

There has to be a minimum number of buyers for the deal to actually take place. Of course, you need not pay anything if enough buyers don’t sign up.

Today in Nottignham I could have had a tanning kits for £18 that usually costs £46  £1 entry to the brilliant Denz soft play which costs £4.50 normally and a spa day, meal, eyelash extension , my nails done, etc. all at bargain prices.

It is important not to get too carried away with such deals or you could spend a fortune but if you were going to soft play anyway, or out for a meal or want ot buy a gift experience for someone…do check this fab site out!

Dealcollecter can save you up to 70%.

If facebook or twitter are areas you use regularly you can follow dealchecker for yor city in this way. For regular updates you can also subsibe to the newsletter specific to your preferred city.They currently have 58 active cities taking part and sevral couuntires. Well worth a visit!

This is a sponsored post .dealcollecter


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  1. August 7, 2011 / 8:31 pm

    Something else I will be signing up to. Thank you for sharing Becky. You can’t beat a good deal.

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