Tips for starting a successful small business

Tips for starting a successful small business


Simple tips for starting a successful small business

Are you looing for tips for srating a scucessful small business?

Starting a small business needs some serious preparation. There is a high rate of failure among people who starts small businesses. But with the correct planning and perfect timing, you can greatly increase your chances of business success for many years. Follow these guidelines to get your small business started.


Be clear on your reason for starting a business

While the thought of starting a small business is daunting, the fatigue of searching for a job is even greater. Venturing into business on your own might be scary, but it doesn’t get worse than this. That said; do not try starting a business due to the fact that you have run out of alternatives. If you have set your mind to do set up your business, be ready to endure frustration now but greater financial security in future.


Establish the needs that exist in the market

Take your time to research on all the current needs that are not being fulfilled in the market and then decide on the one you want to go for. Once you have established a hole in the marketplace, and then decide on how to best to fill it. This does not mean that you have to necessarily reinvent the wheel to find a niche in today’s market. You can go for the tried and tested ideas like bringing together two complementary products that are offered by different companies. Always keep in mind that it is less expensive to launch a service business than a product business which needs a lot of capital to come up with a tangible good.

Create a simple and precise business plan

Most new aspiring entrepreneurs tend to think that they are supposed to take their time and write lengthy detailed business plan, making all kinds of wild assumptions about the amount of money they will be making in five years’ time. This is not realist. For a basic business, prepare a 1-page business plan that should basically cover what you offer, how much you are going to charge, who you are targeting, and what you are going to do for it to happen.

Nail your target customer

You should specifically determine who exactly you want your customer to be.  If you are offering a skin cream, never say “everyone with skin” or “all women” could buy from you. Be specific, for example, I am going to offer bookkeeping services for restaurants. The better you can pinpoint your target customers, the more your marketing efforts will reach them.

Perfect your pricing

The price you place on your good should not only cover your costs, but also generate a profit. One classic mistake that people make is to undervalue their talent and time. The best option is try to work figures from the top to down. How much are you approximating to make annually? Break it down to monthly and weekly.  How many products you need to sell to meet the set figures? Other costs that is associated with the service or product delivery.  Ensure that you revisit your figures monthly.

How to find the necessary start-up money

Try to keep the cost down before you start bringing in sales. Don’t rent excessively large space. If you don’t want to tap your personal savings, you can try debt financing which offers the best and easiest way to finance your business. Click here to get to know more about debt financing and where to get it.

Go out and get the customers

This is the magic. Nothing else is of importance if you don’t have clients. Focus majority of your time on sales. Have a smart marketing plan in order to attract and retain people.


I do hope these tips for starting a successful small business have proved useful. You may also like my post on budget ways to promote a local business



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  1. October 20, 2016 / 3:32 pm

    These are all great tips to start a business. “Be ready to endure frustration now but greater financial security in future.” – this is great advice for a new adventure.

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