Review: Aquapets

Aquapets are adorable sea creatures in a pod that sing, dance and play games. They are small enough to hold or put in a bag,  Playing with Aquapets is like having your own little responsive sea friend in an aquarium, but sealed and with no mess to clean (comes with batteries, but you need to add 2 new AAA pretty quickly.)

As kids speak to and play with the aquapets they respond with cute floating movement, chirpy sounds, and sweet melodies. The more an Aquapet is played with, the livelier it will become and sing more songs. If you bring two or more Aquapets together and they will talk, chirp and dance with each other.

Aquapets have just been relaunched, we got sent Bertie


Likes: Making special new friend

Dislikes: Thunderstorms and lightening

Favorite Food: Blueberries with whipped cream

Favorite Smell: Christmas trees

Favorite Sound: Babies giggling

He is very cute and my 3 year old daughter loves him. She hasn’t been able to play the memory or dance ganes (this is actually aimed at a 6year old) but she can make Bertie dance just by talking to him and he sings too and that is enough for her, she is fascinated. She wants all of them ! Whilst marketed to girls I’ve noticed my son having a few goes too and I think this could definately be expanded. 

Aquapets are to buy from July 2011 with a recommended retail price of £9.99 RRP. Suitable for ages 6+ but my 3 year old is having lots of fun with hers!


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