How to reduce heat loss from your home

I was interested as a thrifty blogger to be asked to take part in the Everest Thermal campaign which focusses on being aware of how possible areas within your home can create heat loss. As you can see from Everest’s TV Advert, home owners are often unaware that different elements of their home can contribute to heat loss, therefore increasing their bills.

Have a watch of this

Triple glazing is pretty amazing!

My home is old and a little dilapidated and my energy bills are high. I was half heartedly aware their was probably some heat loss through my home but I had no idea how much or where the problem lay.

Last week I was sent the FLIR ONE  thermal imaging camera which attached to my phone and works to show up heat in images. This is great fun and made us all giggle a lot! Look at my hubby with his guitar!!! The kids begged me to let then take this to school  (it was a no!)


On a more serious note however it was a bit of a shocking taking photos of the inside and outside of my home and realising just home much heat is being lost due to inadequate insulation.


The bricks are warm because of the sun but the heat you can see round the window frame is escaping form the house…not good!


reduce heat loss from your home

You can see where the sunshine from outside is seeping in the side of the door showing an obvious gap and in the outside picture of the door where heat from inside can also escape or cold can also seep in.


In the conservatory we can see further problems….


You can see just where the window gaps are in this photo (love that you can change the setting son the FLIR to really enhance definition)

Our outside windows upstairs are also emitting a lot of heat loss.

T2, reduce heat loss

Such a useful tool but what worrying heat loss!

So how can you prevent heat loss from homes?

Here are ten top tips

  1. Heavy curtains can prevent heat loss
  2. A brush in your letter box or an external letter box
  3. Good sealant around your windows and doors
  4. Draught excluder
  5. Fitting new Everest Triple Glazing windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency and that’s why it has been awarded A++, the highest possible energy rating.
  6. Insulating your attic
  7. Cavity insulation in the walls
  8. Closing up open fireplaces
  9. Repairing gaps around doors with caulking
  10. Keeping curtains and doors shut can really make a difference.

Reducing heat loss really impacts your bills and it is a great investment to prevent this as much a possible.

Have a look here at some more brilliant tips on preventing heat loss


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  1. April 1, 2016 / 5:20 pm

    I found this campaign really interesting as I thought we were quite good and then spotted where I can do more to reduce heat loss.

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