How to help your child be more successful at school

There are many differences in the way people parent and we all have different goals for your children don’t we? But wanting our children to be successful at school (or in their home education) is a common goal for parents.

So how can we help them?

successful at school


There are some simple and obvious things we can do such as ensure they get a good breakfast and enough sleep, ensure they are motivated, praised and encouraged. And yet despite our best intentions, sometimes they need a little extra don’t they, sometimes the learning just is not sticking.

That is where great resources play their part and Education Quizzes is one such resource that I think is just fantastic.

Education Quizzes

Education Quizzes is a website packed with interesting and useful education quizzes are designed for all children at all levels. They have been written by teachers. The multiple choice quizzes really help revision and  support the national curriculum. Children get immediate results and are given helpful hints  to help them understand how to choose the right answer and avoid future mistakes.

Our experience

My daughter is 8 and in key stage 2.  We had a go together at a couple of comprehension papers. I was blown away by how much she knew and also became aware of how she rushed reading questions. both things were useful to know and I was able to help her slow it all down. When she got a question wrong she was old immediately with a full explanation for the right answer.

EQ snip

She thought the quizzes were fun and was very happy to carry on even asking if she can do more later- yay!

So useful.


Subscription to Education Quizzes costs £7.50 per month and provides access to all quizzes in all curriculum. You  can free to cancel at any time even after just one month.

Because your subscription gets you access to all the quizzes both my children can access this for the one price. My son is in key stage 3 and frequently has tests. This will be so useful to him.

I have to say I think it is amazing value for money and WAY cheaper than getting in a tutor!

Why Education Quizzes rock

My kids love multiple choice and these questions have really made them think. They also love using the computer so this is a winner for  them.

I appreciate that the right answers are given with good explanations. I also like the price and pricing structure. It means I could access this over the long summer holidays or at test time and pay for it then rather than being committed all year. I think the questions are interesting and fun. All in all a brilliant resource. I will be recommending it to everyone!




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