Good sources of advice for new parents

Oh I don’t know about you but when I had my first child everyone and their sister had advice for me. Do this…do that…buy this that. I didn’t know which way to turn or who was right and who was wrong. Totally overwhelming and frustrating!

Advice is necessary isn’t it and can be totally useful but it needs to be clear and simple.

Helpful advice

I found certain types of  advice particularly useful

  1. My health visitor – she was  an expert and up to date, well advised and had no emotional investment an in what she guided me to do  it was professional and current and I valued this greatly.
  2.  Looking up reviews on blogs was also helpful, particularly blogs I found trustworthy.
  3. Buying guides on cots cribs and moses baskets were really useful to me as I had not the first idea of what to look for .
  4. Talking to other new parents who were just finding things out for the first time also helped a great deal and steered me to current guidance. We all muddled our way through together and shared what we knew.



Not so helpful advice

Not so helpful were older relatives who parented at a different time and whose advise was less current.  They didn’t like me not taking their advise though so this could prove a bit tricky!

Secondly,  I found friends seemed to want me to do just exactly the same as them and if I didn’t they would sometimes seem to take it as a personal insult! Difficult.

Thirdly magazines! Lovely glossy magazines that seemed to lead me to think I needed everything brand new, on trend, co-ordinating and expensive. Magazines at the end of the day sell advertising space and it is important to keep that in mind – you do not need to spend a fortune,

Advice as a new parent can be both overwhelming contradictory and difficult to navigate. My advice (agggh more advice!) would be to and sources you trust and  avoid asking family and friends!

sources of advice for new parents


Do you have any advice that you think wasn’t or was good or a good sources for first parents?


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