Ravensburger Science X Maxi Prehistoric Expedition

This is a rather fabulous set that contains 15 exciting dinosaur project and its aimed at children aged 8 and over .

Ravensburger Science X Maxi Prehistoric Expedition

The set is pretty comprehensive and include

  • Includes 1 ammonite, 1 Excavation Block, 1 Excavation Tool. 1 Thermometer, 1 Magnifying Glass Plaster Powder, Triops Eggs, Triops Food, Triops, sand, 1 Meganeura Model, 1 time line, 5 Plaster forms.
Impressive huh! Hours of fun and lots of great projects to complete.
The first thing my son was desperate to do was to make the model. I have to say it is really robust almost a month later and it is still standing and it does look rather fantastic.
Next he began to dig out a fossil. It took a while but it was all very exciting.
So exciting when it finally emerged!
Next on his list is making a huge dragonfly.
It has kept him entertained and focused for ages. Such a good quality set with some great end products and lots of information.
It costs £26.72 and would make a lovely quality gift for a budding paleontologist.
Available from Amazon.


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