Profiling Avon – A Great Job For Mums

A Great Job For Mums

Thank you Kerry – a regular writer for baby budgeting for this inspiring post

When I fell pregnant with Baba I was working with children with special needs, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go back into this job. It was a really emotional job and I knew that it would drain me while looking after a young baby. But we knew that I had to work.
I had been self employed for many years, and had tried Direct Selling before and knew that this would be a good route to go down. As I could work from home and build up my business gradually.
I knew about Avon Cosmetics, and thought that I hadn’t seen a book for ages so applied to become a representative. It only costs £15.00 to sign up as a representative taken over two equal instalments, so there is no money up front. The commission is great you earn between 20 to 25% in commissions on your total order value every three weeks, and it is fun flexible and a great way to meet people.You can choose your own hours and can sell to family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues and you can buy discounted Avon products for yourself and can get some products for free!
I loved Avon from the moment that I started and wanted to take it a step further so I looked into Sales Leadership. Sales Leadership costs £25.00 which is deducted from your earnings and you get a business pack to get you started for this fee. It is another way to earn with Avon, you are a self employed Avon Sales Leader and you recruit and train your own team of Representatives, earning commission on their sales as well as your Representative earnings. I love this you get to be your own boss, have your own team and help others to get into Avon and train them to make a success out of their business. As a Sales Leader you have to promote your business and advertise to get representatives to join your team, and to help you do this you have your own personal website, to introduce yourself, promote your business and encourage people to join your team!
                 Here is my personal website:
 Avon is a self employed job so you have to do your own tax and inform your benefits that you are doing it. You are setting up your own business, it does take time, you have to get your customers and get the loyalty there, once it is there though customers love you, from the young to the old. Avon caters for everyone, and it is not just about the makeup any more! They do hair care, skin care, gifts, jewellery, make up, underwear, men’s things, holiday stuff, fitness and perfume there is a lot in that little catalogue!
 You get loads of support with Avon and get to meet lots of the other Representatives and Sales Leaders. It is a lovely job to do and fits perfectly with your children. When Baba was really poorly at the beginning of the year and we spent a month in and out of hospital, there was no added stress. I didn’t have to let work know, I didn’t have to call in sick, make up my hours somewhere else. I just didn’t work and it was fine, it meant that I could totally concentrate on him, to get him better.
 Avon has opened up lots of opportunities for me, I have got to meet some amazing people and love my job. I am hoping to take my Sales Leadership to the next level in the next few months and can’t wait to see where I will go after this. It is a fantastic opportunity to make extra money and if not that then a fantastic place to buy budget make up, hair care, skin care, gifts, jewellery, underwear, men’s things, holiday stuff, fitness and perfume that is great value for money.
             Please note that I am an Avon Sales Leader and the views expressed here are my own and I am not speaking on behalf of Avon Cosmetics UK.


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