Product review: Piggy Bank from Little Tikes

Following its starring role in the first two Toy Story movies, the classic pink Piggy Bank from Little Tikes is back by popular demand!  With Toy Story 3 taking off in a big way this summer, the famous Piggy Bank is back on the big screen.

 Little Tikes kindly sent me one  to trial.

I have to say initailly I was thinking ‘well it doesnt do anything.’  Because these things generally do I think I  kind of expected it to light up, sing,  dance etc.   Annalise my 3 year old was much more impressed than me by the big pink pig. She immediately fetched her favouruite miffy money box and her silver teddy christening money box long adored. She ditched all the contents and sat for an age filling pink piggy’s (as shes imaginatively named him) belly. 

Little Tikes, Toy Story 3

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Then she dropped him on the floor and laughed. He is tough, durable and holds lots of money, hes funny looking and appeals much more to my daughter than her fancy porelain and silver money boxes. She now constantly asks me for my pennies! A true baby budgeter.

Later my six year old son emptied piggy belly counted up all £12,65  in pennies and silver and popped the money back in bit by bit woring it all aout on his calculator (bless him) . My kids absolutely love this piggy with the big belly. I can’t really tell you why but they really do and if it helps them save then that’s peachy!  He’s living on the window sill at present and is being filled up by the coins down my sofa !

Pink Piggy bank can also be bought in blue and generally retails for £10-12  and can be purchased at Kids play store . If  it teaches good saving habits young then what a great investment!


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