Why we MUST pledge to be real #SponsoredbyDove

Do you know how beautiful you are?

It’s hard to hold on to the belief we are beautiful in the face of stereotypical, photo-shopped and narrow perceptions of beauty isn’t it?


The Be Real Body Image Pledge

The Be Real Campaign is a national movement of organisations, individuals, businesses and charities who:

aim to change attitudes towards body image, promote well-being and help everyone feel confident in how they look. 

It is all about changing and challenging the way we think about body image in the UK.

pledge to be real

So needed!

The Be Real Campaign, who Dove support, have come up with the Be Real Body Image Pledge which calls on the advertising, fashion, music and media industries to pledge to consider how they show body image and  where necessary change this to reflect reality, diversity and healthy role models.


Now wouldn’t that make a difference to perceptions of beauty!

What I see

I want my daughter (and I am almost 100% certain you want yours) to grow up in a world that accepts and appreciates diverse and realistic images of beauty, If our girls see images of beauty that are diverse and realistic they will no longer feel they fall far short of this and they will realise that actually, ‘hey that’s us right there, we are beautiful too.’

My daughter has frizzy curls, she will be short and curvy. This is not traditionally a look associated with images of beauty in the media. How dare the media make her feel inadequate.

Hand on heart I KNOW she is the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world (no bias whatsoever) and I want her to feel it to her core. Confidence enables us to embrace life not shy away from it!

Most parents work really hard to encourage their children’s confidence and of course everyone tells a little girl how pretty they are.

This doesn’t last though.

In recent months my now 9 year old has had comments on her weight and one friend told her she needed her ears pierced to be cool. Another said if you want to be popular you have to have straight blonde hair.

These other girls are getting their perceived wisdoms about beauty straight from magazine and adverts aren’t they? Then they are judging my girl, my gorgeous girl along side these images.

That has to stop. Already her confidence is beginning to wobble. It makes me angry and sad and something needs to change.



Dove’s mission is

to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety

This makes me want to CHEER!

Dove’s advertising has long embraced models of all shapes and sizes with real and un-airbrushed beauty. I love the diversity they have always portrayed and the authenticity.

If all media took this approach would our girls be so narrow in their view of beauty then? Absolutely not.

According to Dove research, 8 in 10 UK women and girls think very few real women and girls look like those featured in the media. We know we aren’t being represented. But when you are bombarded day after day being told this is what beauty looks like it is bound to affect your self image.

It’ s time for a change.


We all want this

Dove’s research shows that 8 in 10 UK women and girls wish the media did a better job of portraying women with diverse physical appearance, and of varying age, race, shape and size

That’s a huge amount of people wanting change. So it is absolutely time to #PledgeToBeReal


What can you do?

You can join Dove in supporting the Be Real Body Image Pledge via using #PledgeToBeReal on social media and tagging @DoveUK


Do you want to read more about this? 

Hop on over to www.dove.co.uk and have a look at the @BeReal_Campaign on twitter

Also over at the Dove Self-Esteem Project you can find some brilliant examples of things you can do with your daughters to up their confidence.

Lets all get behind this so our girls become women who are  strong confident and secure in their beauty.


Two of the most beautiful women I know inside and out  – my daughter and her great grandmother








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