How many women in the UK have more than one job ?

I have so many women friends whose lives seem a constant round of busy busy, holding down one or more jobs, parenting, keeping a home, trying also to have a life of their own.

It all feels too much sometimes.


This isn’t just my perception or a reflection of where I live  – no, this really is a fact.

 New research from on-demand staffing app Coople, reveals British women have never been busier. The findings show a significant proportion of working women juggle more than one job, as well as the bulk of the housework.

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The survey of 2,000 employed people in the UK, commissioned by Coople, reveals one in six women (16 per cent) are juggling more than one job1 and three per cent of these have three or more jobs.

Three or more – can you imagine?

With 14 million women in the UK now working this means 2.24million women have more than one job, and 420,000 have three or more2

That, in my opinion is WAY too many!

I would only need to run a short poll on Facebook to be overwhelmed with agreement on this next research finding.  A recent survey by Oxfam shows British women do more of the domestic tasks in their households, with women in both full-time and part-time employment contributing to a greater share of the household responsibilities.

Oh yes that is undoubtedly the deal in this house despite my constant complaints!

Over two thirds (67 per cent) of women feel they do the bulk of housework. Honestly I thought it would be more.

Flexible working

One of the main things I like about blogging for a living in the flexible hourscoople_logo_red_rgb

Coople’s survey reveals 75 per cent of these time-starved working women who don’t have flexible working hours, ‘wish they did’.

Coople has seen this in action in regard to those signing up on their flexible working platform, in fact 65 per cent of their UK job applicants, and 78 per cent of returning applicants are made up of females.


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women in the UK have more than one job

Coople is Europe’s number one flexible work platform, offering job opportunities direct to your mobile. It’s free to join, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Coople provides tens of thousands of employees known as “Cooplers” to thousands of businesses, while taking care of all right-to-work checks, admin and payroll. It offers hospitality, retail and office flexible jobs and fills 98% of roles within four hours

Have a look at Coople it is a great way to find flexible part time work in a variety of fields as and when you wish.



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