Peacefully Playing for Hours

Sometimes I fork out for swimming, skating or soft play and an hour or so later I am  £10 +lighter and they are again looking for someway to be entertained.

Yes we craft and cook, we walk and cycle, we paint stones and we build robots out of junk, we read and write and watch DVD’s. Yet there are many hours in a child’s day and sometime I need them just to run off and play for a good long while and give me some peace!

endless play

The kids got Playmobil this year for the first time. They got the school and it is absolutely awesome. It has so many pieces and accessories the kids can play with it for ages if they are in the right mood. They change things around and make up stories with the little people.  Board games like Frustration can last a long time too and huge jigsaws. My son can play with his Castle or football cards for hours and my daughter and a colouring book can while away an afternoon. I think the key is before I expect them to settle down and play for a good long I need to make sure the conditions are right. I need to be sure….

  • They have had a good bit of fresh air and exercise (otherwise that energy just bubble up!)
  • They are not hungry or thirsty
  • They are not squabbling (or if they are get them playing on these long play toys apart)
  • They also need to know whats happening later
  • They need to be happy with the game/toy they have chosen.

Sometimes calming, classical music in the background can help a child relax into playing too .

Time for a cup of tea!

What long play toys do your children like best and do you have to set up the right conditions for them to settle?


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  1. Jelly Babies
    July 26, 2012 / 1:26 pm

    Love Playmobil for children, really good for imagination and building!

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