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Olga Levacuka is well known for working with successful entrepreneurs, who are constantly featured on TV and in press worldwide. She has recently written this fabulous book

This fantastic book helps you get an instant ‘injection’ of Confidence. While it’s a quick read, the book gives you a great platform to beign a more confident way of life. I really liked this book it had some wonderful exercsies and examples and it made me feel happier and more self assured. Far cheapoer than a therapy session and you can gp back as many times as you like! Good stuff..
Olga advises you simply follow the exercises in the book for 30 days for things to significantly imporveAccording to recent studies it takes approximately 27 days/times of repeating the same process before habits can completely change….. and the brain can totally absorb this.
I certainly felt more confident after reading this book and now need to work on this becoming habitual.

The book is sold via Amazon

Here are some other thoughts on this fab book:

“You know the saying ‘the best things come in small packages’. Say no more. Olga delivers a manual which is succinct, spot-on and does what it says on the cover – it INCREASES YOUR CONFIDENCE – AKA SELF ESTEEM – IN ONE DAY.

This book says adios to all the fluff in the ‘self-help’ industry, Olga says it how it is. Olgism is the new movement. Trust me. In one sitting, this book will alter your mind. Short, sweet and straight to the point. A rare and welcome gem in publishing” —J.R.

“…u know what I love about your book – it’s very real, not pretentious, it doesn’t feel like I’m reading a book, it feels just like I am having a lunch with you discussing important subject of confidence…” —T.I.

“Olga writes as I assume she speaks, with excitement, a lovely accent and a lot of passion and positivity.?

I have read a lot of self help/confidence books in my time and yet I found this to be fresh and challenging and offer up some unique thoughts and exercises…

Thanks Olga.” —B.G-H.

“I started your book last night and I am already in love!!! Hope I get out of work early this week so I can finish it!!!!!” —A.B-M.

You can find out more about Olga,   AKA The Skinny Rich Coach on her own website and she would love for you to follow her on Twitter: @skinnyrichcoach 


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  1. November 16, 2010 / 7:29 am

    Thank you Becky!

    Olga L. x

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