Another option for your childs Christmas Present: OXFAM UNWRAPPED. Pls take a look.

Reducing materialism in our own children and encouraging their empathy and generosity are common aims amongst most of the parents I know. Reaching outside of our own family life is something I know we all aspire too. Here’s a fab ideas to meet all those concerns and help some really needy kids.

This year, Oxfam Unwrapped has launched a brand new  line of kids’ gifts aimed at children in the UK.. The range includes five gifts that help transform the lives of some of the poorest children in the world:

  •  Playtime (£7) Health messages spread to children during humanitarian situations using games. This gift comes with a free activity book for kids aged 3 – 8, ensuring that kids will have fun at the same time as giving to others.

  • Desk and chair (£21) Create your own seat of learning by giving a school desk and chair. This is a classroom essential for any young learner.

  • Educate a child (£30) Oxfam believes that access to education is a key way to help people out of poverty.  This gift will help communities push to have their children educated as well as ensuring that teachers are trained and can provide a quality education.
  • Give girls a head start (£17) Activities to promote girls’ education and attendance at school, including materials such as books and uniforms and also work in the community.
  • Care for a vulnerable child (£47) Medical, emotional and financial support for children suffering from HIV and AIDS.


The new Oxfam Unwrapped kids’ range is aiming to encourage children in the UK to think about children around the world who have far less than they do. It’s an ethical option for Christmas. oit will help you and your child tallk about the spirit of giving at Chroistmas and it will also help someone else. It’s all good

 My son decided on a desk and chair in place of one of his gifts His theory being education is more imprtnat than play! I told him I didn’t agree  it was more importnat to be happy and he said. Mummy these children live i Africa they need to know about lions or they could get eaten. Nuff said. Desk and chairs it is.


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