New Style Takeaway: Dominoes Pizza and a Movie

Domino’s Pizza, have  launched a new deal where you can buy a pizza and also rent a movie from Lionsgate. Sounds like the perfect movie night in right!

You simply order your Pizza form the Pizza menu and dessert, drinks etc as normal…

  • Pick the category of movie you want to watch, hit order and a voucher will be added to your basket
  • After payment the voucher and a URL for watching the movie will both be in your order confirmation email
  • Click the URL, pick a movie and enjoy with your pizza!

We had a feast cheese pizza cheesy sticks, garlic bread a big veggie Pizza and we had happy tummies. A great new idea form Dominoes to create the perfect movie/pizza night in. Not quite what mummy and daddy may have chosen kids but still great fun!


Disclosure: Dominoes gave us a voucher to cover our meal and film rental costs


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