Cash Back Credit Cards

Have you bought anything in the January sales?

I have not bought one thing…nope not one thing, not even Christmas wrapping paper or cards for next year even though I know many of you do. I have been tempted many a time but I have kept my purse firmly closed.

Despite good budgeting practices the coffers were inevitably low come January and now I just wanted to stop spending. But we are now looking for some speakers.

I am rather embarrassed to say when it comes to music …well I guess I’m a bit dated. I still play my old cds through a cd player or I pop on Spotify. I never download music and listen through my iphone, it just all seems a bit complicated to me. My husband has convinced me I need to move with the times (alright catch up and stop behaving like my Grandad – he used to sit and glare at Boy George on Top of the Pops and grumble…’bloody rubbish..not like in my day!’)

So we have our sights on an ipod speaker docking station thingymajig, I have been having a good look around Amazon and the price range seems quite vast. I have no clue what to go for!

Product Details

I will have to do some research.

What I am thinking of though is shopping for a new credit card too this month to help out with the cost of new purchases. Some credit cards give you cash back on your purchases. I love this idea though it is one I haven’t explored as I don’t really use credit cards much…but if they give you money back!

Cash back credit cards are cards that give you rewards, such as air miles, or literally give you money back on your purchases. Over at,  you can compare credit cards to find one offering the rewards you’re after.

Here is how they work:

‘Each time the customer uses their card an amount of cashback is accrued. After a set period, usually annually or monthly, the cashback amount is paid automatically to the customer’s credit card.

        Source:  bbc business news

Cash back credit cards are an area I am going o be looking at over the coming months and hopefully making a bit of money with.

For now I had better hop on over to itunes and see about some music!




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