Aspire World Capital One Credit Card Review

Today – Aspire World Capital One Credit Card Review

Well, I will let you into a little secret. I am not a credit card user. I have one but I probably used it last time they threatened to take it off me for non use then I would have bought something very small, paid it straight off and put the credit card back in my purse.

I don’t not use a credit card because I have loads of money or am super frugal. No. Of course I need credit sometimes and for that I use my overdraft.  I know in the days of  cash back credit cards that seem s a bit silly doesn’t it? I could be making money rather than paying interest but well…I’m a bit scared of credit cards really. I have a memory like a sieve and what if I forget to make a payment and end up paying more OR what if I get carried away with it because I can’t see how it’s adding up?

Well it is time to grow up. I am well used to internet banking now and there are ways around my memory problem.

Aspire World Capital One Credit Card Review

Aspire World Capital One Credit Card Review

I have been asked if I would like  to review the Capital One Aspire World credit card. Initially reluctant I had a good read about it and actually it sounds rather fabulous and has the following features:

  • 5% cashback for the first three months (max £100)
  • Up to 1.25% cashback thereafter
  • Manage your account online
  • Capital One Identity Alert
  • Purchase protection insurance
  • No annual fee

I love that it is secure, there are no fees, you get purchase protection AND you can earn money. That is pretty awesome.

I have set up a direct debit from my bank to this account so the money I spend on the card is paid off in full each month, doing this means I don’t have to remember it and that I don’t have DEBT hanging over me.

Once I had been approved for the card (a simple online questionnaire) setting up my account online was surprisingly  simple. Despite being a blogger I am usually a bit intimidated when setting up financial arrangements online.

Have a look at the Aspire World page at Capital One if you think this card sounds interesting. Next week I will tell you how I am getting on and a bit more about their cash back scheme.

I would never advocate the use of a credit card to anyone who is not well organised with money, very sensible  and in a position to pay back any credit they have borrowed.


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