Online Reputation Management: Be Internet Savvy!

Today’s guest post is about our online reputation:

Running a blog can be both rewarding and stressful. Having an online presence can leave one open to criticism, which is extremely difficult to tackle due to the vast nature of the internet. If you are running a family-oriented blog, it is important to be aware of the methods you can use to ensure you always keep a clean, truthful online reputation. If you were to Google your own name, and find negative comments, reviews or articles on the first page of results, you are bound to feel hurt and worry for the effect it could have on your family.

Of course, it is unlikely that this would happen; it seems impossible to comprehend anyone going to the efforts of damaging your online reputation with no good reason to. But, today’s society shows an emergence of cyber-bullying, which demonstrates that this pointless, harmful activity does happen. This is something to be aware of not only in the running of your blog, but in yours and your children’s social networking activity.

So what to do if any negative content does crop up on Google in relation to your blog? There are ways to manage your internet reputation, and they are far from complicated or impossible to do. Firstly, it is a good idea to set up Google Alerts. This is a really easy way of monitoring any online activity that relates to yourself or your blog. Simply go to Google Alerts, type your name or blog name into the ‘Search Query’ box and choose whether you want to be alerted instantly, daily or weekly. This means that whenever anything is posted on the web about you or your blog, you will be notified via e-mail. If any negative content does crop up you can respond to the author immediately, or report them to whichever site they are using.

It is also possible to clear your Google results page 1 by using SEO to push down any negative content that may appear. This is where things start to get a little more complicated, but if you are serious about your blog – perhaps you are running it as a business – there are many online reputation management agencies out there that can help.

The method generally used is one in which social network profiles and microsites are created in relation to your blog, and search engine optimised to allow them to rank higher in Google than the negative stuff! This pushes the bad content down off page one of Google and largely out of site.

It all may seem a bit boring, but being aware of this side of the internet is essential, whether you want to make a career out of it, or simply ensure your family are kept safe from cyber-bullies.



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