Did your carpets survive your kids?

Being on a budget since having a baby means we have done without the luxuries to a large extent. Our house is being decorated at the moment for the first time since F was born some 8 1/2 years ago. Nothing that a bit of effort and some paint can’t cure you would think. But its not the painting that the problem.

My  poor carpets. They are in a bit of a sorry state and it is without doubt time to replace them.

In the first year of my babies lives my carpets had milk spilt on them in the middle of the night, baby sick, Calpol, and the occasional wee!

In the second year there were quite a few wees and one or two(or twenty!)  poos. Along with weaning came a great deal of dropped (or thrown food)

Photo Credit: Pink Galaxy

The third year was much the same. Years three, four and five involved glitter, playdough, and mud being trodden on all over my carpets. This was despite the no shoes in the house rule and attempts to craft on a tray only. Stain removal sadly want something I was too concerned with as I bumbled about during those early years trying to keep the kids happy and myself awake!

Even I was to blame for the accumulated mess on our carpets spilling my drinks when I was tired and hazy in the mornings and so coffee stains are all over those carpets too.

The last two years my son has discovered a love of football and often forgets to take his boots off. Grr. He sneaks lollies up to his bedroom and puts the sticks down without thinking when he has finished onto the carpets. I thought  when they grew up these problems would go away!

So now I am considering investing in new carpets and carpet stain remover will be purchased right alongside. This time I will be straight on it and teach my kids to use it too!




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