My children’s beds tell their story and make me cry.

Despite being 3 years apart my children have followed a similar path with their beds. When my children were first born they both slept in incubators in NICU which for the uninitiated (and lucky to be so!) is the Neonatal intensive care unit. I wanted them to be in a little cot beside my hospital bed not away from me down long corridors in rooms with wires and serious sad looking people . I was so sad this was their first bed but relieved too they had made it so far. We had a rocky start. Later I was delighted as they left these little beds with holes in the sides to put your fingers through.

Next it was a little cot by my side in the hospital.  I was scared but relieved to have them next to me. But in my heart I just wanted to birng them home.

But oh the blessed relief when we could come home. Their next beds were to be moses basket loaned from my dear friend Helen and the children’s little pal Evan who is now a mighty 8 year old football fanatic. Hard to believe.

I kept them by my side in my bedroom in their little baskets for a long time (they were only small) At exactly six months they moved into their own little room and into a cot. Gosh they looked so tiny in their cots and I missed seeing them by my side all snug in their baskets. I used to go in repeatedly throughout the night to stare at them and check they were okay.

Later my son  graduated to his first bed, not any old bed, no he had a Thomas the Tank engine bed. He adored Thomas. We clubbed together with several relatives and bought it him for Christmas. He was absolutely ELATED!

The day Thomas was sold on eBay I had another little cry . The toddler years were over. Now we have a junior extender bed and its time to move on to a full size single. My daughter has outgrown her cot bed too.

Oh my days they grow up too fast.

Your childrens beds really do mark the passage of time and evoke such memories as you recall them .




  1. October 3, 2012 / 9:21 pm

    I LOVE this post. I wrote a post the day we gave the cot away. Such markers of time. Had no idea your two had started live in intensive care xx

  2. Becky
    October 4, 2012 / 7:05 pm

    Well that will be a v long coffee and cake session

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