Must have girls designer fashion this summer

The summer sunshine brings out the playfulness of every little girl. It’s the opportunity to blow bubbles on the lawn dressed as a fairy princess, to head off on a mission with their friends into the woodland of their summer country cottage location or to look suave and chic whilst lounging by the pool whilst sipping a summer fruit smoothie.

Designers for girls clothing know that collections have to reflect the diversity of every young lady and outfits need to be practical and hard-wearing enough for running through the forest but soft on the skin whilst protecting from the rays of the sun.

With the needs of a playful girl in mind who needs a wardrobe to match her daily adventures, here are the must have designer items this summer.

First summer for a beautiful new addition to the family

The first summer for a baby is very special; their development is at a peak and they absorb every sensation they encounter. For mum and dad, it’s an incredible time to introduce a new addition to their surroundings and they need to have clothing that will keep them cool in the warmth of the day but be extra kind to their incredibly soft skin.

Imps & Elfs know exactly what is needed to provide comfortable clothing for a young baby girl looking for her first practical but still stylish wardrobe. A company that excels in using the softest organic cottons available, they are committed to Fairtrade values and believe that simplicity in design and an excellent fit are the key to a happy, smiling newborn. This is evident in their red baby leggings available this summer. Soft and staying in touch with their sustainable ethos, they look great when teamed with their cap-sleeved, candy striped Poetry red and white dress that will ensure baby stays feeling cool all day.

red white dress


Daytime play to evening elegance

Heading off to jump through babbling brooks and discovering piles of woodland wild flowers before ending the day with an elegant family dinner means two very different looks to achieve.

Play clothes need to be functional but also trend-setting and designed so there’s no hard edged-seams to catch on branches or fabrics that will stiffen when drying if they get wet during the day.

Whilst it is hoped the sun will shine consistently over the coming weeks, the British weather can never be guaranteed so having an outfit for any change in temperature means that the fun can carry on regardless.

Ej Sikke Lej understand the need to have clothes that can move seamlessly with you whether the weather is sunny or perhaps a little more inclement. Their quilted bodywarmer is in the most incredibly beautiful shade of purple and is complemented with a soft lilac lining. Being sleeveless it is perfect for whatever the weather and this Danish star of the fashion industry is famed for bold, funky designs that embody everyday wear with an edge of Scandinavian chic styling.

As the day draws to a close and it’s time to dress for dinner, simple elegance is key to understated and beautiful garments for every little girl. They want to know they look pretty but just as much so feel comfortable when seated.

London-based designers Aravore have the desires of every young girl at heart with their collection of vintage-shades and luxurious feeling fabrics. Upholding the highest ethical standards possible,  their outfits are created from baby-soft organic merino wool and rain irrigated organic cotton. Their delightful A-line dress with corsage in vintage hues of pink and grey sums up everything this ethically-focused designer stands for. Any girl wearing this dress will feel like a princess, a fairy and a glittering star all rolled into one.

vintage dress



Make every little girl’s wishes come true this summer with a wardrobe that will fill them with excitement and will ensure they look and feel great – wherever their dreams take them this season.




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