How much do Brits spend on their pets

We are a nation of pet-lovers and well known for it here in the UK but I have to admit I had absolutely no idea how much people showered on their pets. (I am not a pet owner, so out of the loop on this one!)

Capital One Infographic - How much do Brits spend on their pets, spend on their pets Infographic,  by Capital One Credit Cards

I have to admit being blown away by the idea of a doggy treadmill….what on earth is that about? And really 30% of horse owners would buy their horse a valentines gift I find that astounding? Why would you do that and what would you get them heart shaped hay??

Maybe because I am not a pet owner I just do not understand and I guess to a lot people their pets are their family.

You might never think it to look at them, but the unassuming chinchilla is the animal most likely to be showered with affection in the form of presents. This comes despite the fact that they do not even rank in the top 10 of the UK’s favourite animals:

1. Dog
2. Cat
3. Fish
4. Rabbit
5. Hamster
6. Bird
7. Guinea pig
8. Reptile
9. Horse
10. Mouse

Do you have any of these pets and do you buy them gifts? I can’t even think what I’d get a mouse as a gift? Luxury cheese perhaps?

*Research was conducted by Capital One’s Credit cards marketing team during 2015, as well as being supplemented with UK pet food manufacturers association “


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  1. John Baar
    January 13, 2017 / 11:38 pm

    I love dog it’s 3 if you could have more
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