Review: Meccanno Build and Play for 5+

Meccanno Build and Play range

At 5, fine motor skills are still being ironed out so this range of Meccanno is absolutely great . It is flexible, sturdy, has big parts and is super easy to put together. We really, really enjoyed the Build and Play sets Meccanno sent us to trial. You could be really creative with them  and make unique models (or copy the ones suggested.) There were sticker eyes and bright colours too to make them appealing to little kids. Can easily be taken apart to create something new and these will bring long term fun not a five minute wonder.

 The Mini range features three cases which each build two different cars one at a time. Available now, they are priced at RRP £9.99 and provide the perfect introduction to Meccano.

Here is my sons attempt!


Not bad at all

and here is his dinosaur:

                                        and the one on the pack…… Great fun!

Another new addition this Spring is the Build & Play Dinos. This  selection of three dinosaurs of 20 to 40 parts can be collected and used together to create one large bonus model dinosaur from the parts. Full instructions and tools included with each model priced at RRP £7.99.

 A new Bulldozer (RRP £12.99), New Side Car (RRP £14.99) and Buggy (£17.99) joining the Build & Play family this year.

 Lastly and not yet constructed we received this

The Meccano Build and Play buggy retails at £17.99 at Toymaster and £16.99 at ToysRus

 You can keep up to date with all the excitement of Meccano at  join  or follow at

 It’s worth taking a look at the Meccanno site as it also has downloads, colouring and ecards. I think we will be popping a few ideas on the birthday gift lists these are great and just right for still little hands.


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