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Our Matr Review

Why consider online Maths Tuition?

Maths was always a subject I found tricky at school. If I struggled to understand something I had a hard time asking. There were 32 other kids in my maths group and my maths teacher was a stern and unapproachable teacher.

Maths matters, not only in relation to children learning to understand money but also in regard to science and engineering, architecture, baking, computing and well every area of life really!

When I was introduced to the concept of online maths tuition and asked if I would like to do a Matr review with my daughter I initially felt a little apprehensive. Matr offers online tuition in maths for kids ages 7-11 and they work with their tutors over an interactive whiteboard. I was a bit concerned she would find it difficult to work with someone she could not see and grapple a little with using technology. I was, however, to be proved quite wrong. This tech-literate generation is well versed in working online and with computers and she found it very easy to access.

My daughter does not always find Maths straightforward either. I struggle to help her when she gets stuck because the way Maths is taught is hugely different to how it was in my day and I would just teach her all wrong.

We have been thinking about getting her a maths tutor for some time. But cost and the thought of yet another evening spent driving the kids to activities has meant I have procrastinated.  Online maths tuition was an attractive proposition so when Matr asked if we would like to review a few sessions we were delighted, especially when we discovered how affordable their online tuition is.


Let me tell you about Matr

Matr gives upper primary school-aged children in the UK online one-to-one maths tuition. Their tutors are maths experts trained to teach KS2 national curriculum to 7 to 11 year-olds. You can find out all about Matr at Their results are excellent and the reviews from the kids are SO positive and encouraging.


How Matr works

So how does Matr work? Essentially after a short online assessment, your child is matched to a tutor who produces weekly lesson plans to support their maths development based on where they are at and gaps in their knowledge.

These lessons closely follow the national curriculum so whatever your child is learning in school is expanded on and cemented in our online maths lessons.

Lessons can be 25 mins or 50 mins long and prices at from £9.25 a week for a 25 min session  exceptional value in our opinion!)


The benefits of Matr

From a parents perspective, there are HUGE benefits to their children accessing online maths tuition with Matr

  1. It is FAR less expensive than other tuition options
  2. Your child can access this form your home so you are not driving around/waiting in the car etc. and can get on with what you need to do.
  3. Lesson times are tailored to what works for you
  4. You can cancel at any time
  5. Lessons are tailored and personalised
  6. Kids have the same tutor each week
  7. The lessons totally support what is taught in school so it is complimentary learning.
  8. The tutors are friendly and supportive and really encourage to ask questions and express their working out. So important to learning!

A’s experience of Matr online maths tuition

My daughter A has had 2 Matr lessons so far and I interviewed her to find out how they were going! I have to say whilst online shes chatty and focussed and energised so it certainly looks to us like her tutor is doing a great job! Here are A’s thoughts.



Did you feel you needed maths tuition?

I don’t really know

How did you feel before your first lesson?

Nervous and apprehensive because I didn’t really know what was going to happen

How did it start? What was the first thing you did?

First of all, I had to take a little test so they could assess my level. It was easy to use the computer to do this.

So how did it work?

On the first session, Tutor introduced herself and then we then go to work on the interactive whiteboard which we both write on. She would explain to me what to do I would have a go and then she has me talk through what I had done.

How was your Matr tutor?

Encouraging, she explained things clearly and like they do at school. She was really encouraging and gave me lots of stickers. I soon stopped feeling nervous.

How did you find working online?

Yes, it was fine and nice not to have to leave the house when I’d been at school all day. I felt comfortable with my Tutor and with my own laptop and desk.

Do you feel Matr has helped your maths?

Yes, it has helped me and I feel I’ve had lots of practice and learned a few new things too. It was really nice to have a teacher give me 1:1 attention rather than having to share her with a class.

How would you rate Matr?

I would give it 10/10 and recommend it to anyone struggling a bit with their maths.

So all good from A’s point of view! She seems to be learning a lot and enjoying it- what more could I ask for!


Where to sign up for online maths lessons with Matr

Exclusively for BabyBudgeting readers: If you have a child who would benefit from a personalised programme of online maths lessons, Matr are offering readers of this blog post a special introductory deal of 2 free lessons worth over £35. Find out more and sign up here:

I do hope you have enjoyed our Matr review. We really do think it a fabulous way to get cost-effective, convenient, quality tuition for your child

You can also find Matr on Twitter and on  Facebook:


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