Why every small business should have a website

Why every small business should have a website



Reasons why every small business should have a website

I firmly believe there are good reasons why every small business should have a website

Whatever you sell and wherever you sell it having a web presence is crucial these days.

I know this makes complete sense to people who are selling their goods through a website but what about people who aren’t? What about people who provide a local service or sell through Etsy for example? Why would they need a website – isn’t it just create more work/more expensive for themselves.

Let me tell you the benefits of having a website for a small business FAR outweigh protests such as these.

A website gets you found

Even if you provide a local service not everyone is going to find you by word of mouth or Facebook advertising. Many, many people google what they are looking for even if it is a local service they are after. Having a website will help you be ‘found’ on google and thus will drive customers to you. You can also optimise your website so you are found on the keywords you most want to be known for.


You can show off on a website

You really can showcase your self well on a website. You can include a gallery f your products or services as examples of your work, You will also have space to share testimonials from customers which are always a great reinforcer of how good your business is.

You will also be able to explain in as much detail as you wish regarding exactly what you offer and in fact any other information you want to share.


Customer service

Websites are great for customers. They can easily find your opening times, how to contact you, you could even provide a contact form. It is easy to set up a shop on your website so customers can purchase form you. It is also possible to set up booking forms and even an online /updateable diary. This automation will save you so much work answering  (or missing phone calls!)


Easily updated

For small businesses who don’t have a website but who have static listings, any changes or updates are tricky and time-consuming. On a website, it is easier to add where you will next be having a sale or when you are going to be exhibiting at a craft fair for example. You can also easily share special offers or news whenever you like,. Websites are super easy to update when you get the hang onto them,


Gathering customer details

websites are a great way to gather up customer emails ( with their permission of course) and then be able to send out offers and information directly to them.


It makes you look professional

Websites give you credibility they make your business look more established and secure and this, in turn, increases customer trust.



I hope you have found this post on why every small business should have a website useful! To find out more or if you want a small business website without hassle or huge costs  Click Here



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