Make sure you budget for your eye care

It is easy to let things slide when you first become a parent in regard to your self care. Some things change over time though…  six months in you probably are wearing clean and coordinated clothes again and getting chance to brush your hair.  You can  probably put on a bit of make up at this point  and have the chance to take more regular showers! (Maybe you’re one of those super amazing mums and this never slipped…not me. I was in a haze at first and am certainly not as groomed now or as self-indulgent as I used to be.

For almost every parent the change in finances that a baby brings mean some things struggle to ever really get back on track. Two years after having my kids I had still not bought new clothes and I also hadn’t had my eyes checked. The first didn’t matter, who cares what you wear really. But the second did matter. Eye care s part of your health care. I was just a bit scared that my prescription would have changed and I would need to buy new glasses. The price of glasses was one I had never factored in to my budget.

I have worn glasses since I was tiny. Age 3 I had a pair of tiny pink NHS specs with a plaster over one eye because my eye wandered into the corner. This earned me the nickname Specky Becky and I used to hate them because I couldn’t see if it rained and they would steam up.  The plaster  worked really well and sorting out my eyesight when I was young led to it improving. Age 15 I had contact lenses and thought I was absolutely the bees knees.

Later I got some funky black glasses that I adored. I have had loads of different styles through the years.

Photo Credit: Misteraitch

This was fine until a few years ago when I started to get bad headaches. Really bad. I would take to my bed totally unable to function. After putting up with them for a while Ii went to see the doctor who sent me to have my eyes checked, I hadn’t been for 3 years precisely because with having young kids my budget had been allocated elsewhere. I had suffered for so long with the headaches though I was desperate for a solution.

The optician told me off for neglecting my eyes. My eye test showed quite a big change in my eye prescription which the optician believed had caused my headaches. I parted with some cash and reluctantly  got some new glasses.

The absolute relief. I could see more clearly ( all those new wrinkles!) and the headaches stopped. I was so much happier. No more days fighting off lurking headaches or days spent in bed feeling guilty.

I learnt a really valuable lesson thorough all of this. My  health IS always worth budgeting for. I need to be in tip top shape to take good care of my family and neglecting my needs may be good for the budget but is terrible for our life quality.

Mums and dads you matter too. Make sure you factor in your health care needs when you work out your money!



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