Lovely Maternity Clothes at K&Co.

I loved my maternity clothes  becuase they said I was pregnant. They confirmed it. I wasn’t just a bit chubby I was pregnant. Used to love looking at the labels too, I wore many a  slogan t-shirt saying Big Mama and the like.

In short  maternity clothing gave me a big buzz.  I lived in one denim mini pinafore dress that accomodated my bump all the way through and I loved it. I found it hard to find anything else that made me feel quite so …well, like me really.

Recently I have discovered K&Co. have you heard of them? K&Co  have only come about this year. The company bring together Kays, Great Universal and Empire Stores to create K&Co. It’ s a new brand that’s inspired by client feedback and built on over 100 years of home shopping experience. They discovered that you’re fed up with the high street and its ‘one size fits all’ approach. So, decided to bring you the latest trends in sizes 6 to 32, plus a range of tall, petite and plus size options.  As a ‘curvy,’ short woman it is not always easy to find the right size and I love it when companies recognise this.

They have lots to offer

  • Easy ways to pay
  • Free home delivery
  • Everything for thr home and family
  • Free returns
  • A great value reward program.

They are well worth checking out.

I really liked their maternity range; the jeans, bras, dresses and even fancy dress outfits (I kid you not!)

Here’s what I liked best:



and whilst I’m talking maternity – take a look at this

Its a  maternity centre for little kids, with x ray machine, medical notes and an incubator.

How cute is that!


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