Leapfrog Tag Cars: Tractor Tipping

This is a book review for Disney-Pixar The World of Cars: Tractor Tipping, for the LeapFrog Tag Reading System.  It’s all part of our reading challendge.

Well Annalise was very excited to have a go with a new book though cars aren’t massively her thing and she hasn’t seen the movie. She did this with Gran and the two of them had lots of fun and spent again about 30 minutes of real quality time together. More noise making than focussing on the story but  we had a little go again later and then she focussed more on the story.

Apparently the book is a bit of a rehsh from a scene in the movie which I bet if you had the movie would be great fun. Mayve we ought to rent it! She loved the sounds and the games just not too interested in the name of the car parts!

This book teaches:

 – Spelling

 – Compound words

 – Consonant blends

 – Word building

Alll over Annalise’s head but will be very useful in time to come. The book costs £12.99 and can be purchased from the Leapfrog Store

Again lots of fun with the Leapfrog Tag. We’ll see you next week for the next book in out Tag reading challenge.


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