Dr. Beckmann laundry products review

Dr. Beckmann have a useful website and some good tips. Here are their top 10 laundry tips/

I was sent some travel wash and a colour run cloth by Dr. Beckmann to trial. Here are my thoughts 

Travel Wash

Travel Wash

Wash your clothes anytime, anywhere

Dr. Beckmann Travel Wash is a special concentrated washing gel, formulated to use when you’re travelling and away from home.

It brings colours up bright and gives you brilliantly clean whites in any type of water. Travel wash can also remove stains from clothing, by applying the gel directly to the stained area.

VERDICT: Seemed to work well as a travel wash /hand wash and as a stain remover it did the job, Cost £1.45

Colour & Dirt Collector Cloth

Colour & Dirt Collector Cloth

Wash all colours with confidence

Dr. Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector is a clever cloth that attracts, absorbs and locks in all stray colour and dirt in every wash – protecing your garments.

VERDICT: Yes it worked ! It cost £2.99 and I was able to wash on 60 without any colour run. I would probably buy this as a security measure against wrecking my clothes!


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