Good Taste Foods – frozen and fabulous!

As you may know I am a mumbassador for the New Ice Age,  the website of the Bristish Frozen Food Federation. I am a massive fan of frozen food  it is so convenient, locks in goodness, and can save you a lot of money and waste reduction.

Good Taste Foods is a quality, frozen food, home delivery company and this is what they have to say about frozen food:

More and more people are responsibly thinking about how much food they buy and how they store it. Households can all be saving money as well as helping the environment by wising up to portion sizes, reducing fresh food wastage as they wake up to the benefits of freezing.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve felt really stung by rising food cost prices recently and I am using my feezer more and more. Good Taste Food sent me a variety of their vegetariian foods to try (they do meat, fish and desserts too) and they deliver all over the UK. I was grateful. It was lovely, quality food.

Have a look at their vegetarian range:

Cannelloni Verdi £0.63 per serving

Egg and spinach pasta rolls with a Ricotta cheese and spinach filling. 

Mushroom, Cranberry and Brie Wellington £4.12 per serving

Sautéed mushrooms, cranberries and seasoned spinach with hazelnuts, topped with Brie in puff pastry. 

Roasted Red Pepper En Croute £4.01 per serving

Full flavour red peppers, mushroooms and cheese 

Mixed Vegetable Pastries £4.22 per serving 

Good Taste Food boxes contain at least ten servings . Thier food arrives in special boxes which are designed to keep your order frozen, out of the freezer for 24 hours. The food will stay fresh in your freezer, until you need it, for up to 12 months, instead of the usual 3-6!

Our verdict: Not in our price range but gorgeous quality and tasty foods they really were melt in the mouth and we thoroughly enjoyed them. They tasted home baked. Lovely for very special occasions and top notch meals.

They also offer some top foodie tips:

  • Don’t Waste: Research recently showed that British households were throwing away 30% of all food bought!

  • Cook only what you need!

  • Go for quality, not quantity! Purchase foods with high nutritional value – this will mean you can get all the nutrients you need without eating as much


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