Lomsk Swivel Chair Review AKA The Egg Chair

Our surprise hit gift this Christmas was the Lomsk swivel chair from Ikea. The kids absolutely love it. They call it the egg chair

Lomsk Swivel Chair Review

Annalise (aged 3) hides in it and shouts bet you cant find me and stays there ages before emerging! Frankie (6) heads off to it for some peace and quiet and reads inside his pod. They twirl in it, relax in it, watch tv in it…they like it so much we may have to get another! (Okay there’s been a few arguments!)

Lomsk Swivel Chair Review, egg chair

The chair spins round,  the shutter shuts down and it looks like Humpty Dumpty. In short, it’s everything a child wants from a piece of furniture and I love it too. It looks cool and is easy to clean!

It has an extra wide base so parents don’t have to worry about the LÖMSK tipping over as their children spin to their heart’s content.


Key features of the Lomsk swivel chair

The hood can stay up or be pulled down to make a secret hiding space The fabric lets light in so it’s never completely dark. The chair spins.

Assembled size

Width:59 cm
Depth:62 cm
Height:75 cm
Total height:82 cm
Seat height:17 cm

Where to buy the Lomsk swivel chair

The chair retails at £50 and can be purchased from IKEA  Our family think its FAB!


The egg chair

I think its very obvious why we call this the egg chair! We just absolutely love as well as being great fun for the kids it is also uber stylish


P.S News from Ikea

First there is a competition called Your Fridge Door – where you can upload a photo of your child’s artwork and each week a winner will be chosen –

Also, a brand new project called Toy Stories – it allows children with their parents to use this Facebook application to create their own book with illustrations!


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  1. sufia desai
    December 31, 2010 / 4:42 pm

    its just so c ool – an absolute hit with the kids.

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