How to choose your New Year’s resolution and stick to it

Well, Christmas seems to have whizzed by in the blink of a very expensive eye. Ours was lovely, relaxing and full of lovely food (oh dear waistline) lovely new things (oh dear wallet/decluttering) and lovely  relaxing (oh dear fitness.)

There is a lot I need to sort out in the new year and I think bring it on…how do you feel about it? Do you have clear ideas and plans, are you happy to go with the flow of your life as it is or do you feel there are challenges ahead that you resolve to tackle?

Us mums on a budget can’t throw money at our problems (gyms, cleaners, personal trainers etc.) but there is ALWAYS something we can do.

Over the next month BabyBudgeting will bring you various How to’s …..10 tips on lots of topics to support the challenge for new year that you have chosen. If you have any you particularly want addressing just shout up!

I’m going to really pay attention to the things that bother me and get me down over the next few days and they will be framed into my resolves to sort out. I do think weight and clutter may well feature up there!  (immediate budgeting if I tackle these two….. no more money wasted on food or stuff!)

Heres to figuring out our resolutions!


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  1. December 29, 2010 / 7:35 pm

    I have a post to write about New Year’s Resolutions for the Friday Club at Notes from Home but I can’t decide what I want them to be.

    I love making resolutions, partly because I like a good list lol but mainly because I like the feeling I get when I plan to change something for the better. I’m always completely convinced that I’ll stick to it even though I know I rarely do. This year will be the year 😉

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