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With Easter coming up and your energy reserves scraping along the very bottom of the barrel – no doubt in stark contrast to those of your little darlings (sigh) – you may well be looking for activities for getting everyone out of the house over the Easter break (this extended cold snap permitting of course).


Easter Outdoor Ideas

Easter Outdoor Ideas

So if your brain feels like a lump of kneaded dough and the idea of dreaming up a plan of action for the Easter break fills you with deep dread, below we sketch out some different ideas with which to entertain your demanding mini-publics this Easter holiday.


Rock Climbing

Thought about this one before? Written it off because it involves standing around in the cold waiting for them to finish or because you’re not sure of the safety aspects? Think again and think of indoor climbing instead. Indoor climbing centres have experienced something of a boom in recent years with indoor walls springing up in sports centres all over the country.

In a controlled and safe environment, experts are on hand to teach young would-be climbers about the best grips and about how to ‘belay’, ‘crimp’ or ‘dyno’. Climbing is great exercise and manages to be exciting while encouraging learner-climbers how to keep calm and concentrate (something I know most parents wish their children would do more of!).

You’ll be surprised how close you are to climbing centres, they are much more common than you think. A quick search on UK Climbing’s site throws up 2093 indoor sites across the UK.



Surfing is another outdoor activity very much on the up in the UK. Riding a wave of popularity you might even say (No, no, thank YOU!). Pockets of surfing aficionados exist in many different coastal areas of the UK and, similarly, there are many excellent surfing schools and clubs which offer classes in a whole range of ways and levels.

Popular surfing spots range from the obvious and well-known like Watergate Bay in Cornwall or Bournemouth, to the less blindingly obvious like Thurso East in Scotland (a big tip from those surfers in the know) or Freshwater East.

And don’t worry too much about the cold water too, wetsuit technology is really quite wonderful these days and they work extremely well to keep out British sea water chill.


Outdoor Activity Centres

If you’re thinking of a one-stop solution to absorb your kids’ energy levels, then you may want to consider a centre like Camp Beaumont. This kids-only company have centres all over the UK and offer Multi-Activity Easter Programmes. Far from being a purely academic pursuit, programmes offer an exciting array of adventures for kids of all ages. Indeed, the kids will certainly be challenged by Camp Beaumont’s can-do mantra, prepare them for zip-wires, aerial walkways, abseiling and go-karting. All in a days work.


Easter-themed activities

If you do still possess a modicum of energy to organise something or, indeed, want to put your own creative stamp on proceedings, then you could plan out some Easter-themed activities to undertake in a nearby park or field or similar area of expanse.


  • Easter Egg Hunt

Set your children off on a thrilling hunt through the house or garden or local park hunting down a trail of eggs, treats or, even better, a procession of clues to get to the final prize. This should be chocolate-related. It is Easter, after all.


Product Details

  • Egg Rolling

Or ‘pace-egging’ as it is sometimes known. Boil the eggs to make them exceptionally tough, decorate them in bright paints and have a competition to see whose egg can roll the furthest down a nearby grassy hill.

  • Egg Toss

The idea here is to keep your egg intact. With a partner, throw your egg to each other. With each successful throw completed, take one step backwards. The winning team is the egg tossing partnership who make their egg remain intact the longest. This is not as easy as it sounds. Catching technique is vital here. You will learn quickly, be warned.


Hopefully one of these ideas will give you the inspiration you need to keep all the young minds and bodies occupied this Easter, and the older ones some time to kick back and relax. Ahhh.


Easter Outdoor Ideas – do you have any to add? if you have enjoyed this post you might also enjoy my post on chocolate easter trees – yum!



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