A simple guide to understanding credit

A simple guide to understanding credit

Well  it’s budget time and apart from the fact the cost of beer is going down (so unimpressed by that ???!) a lot of what is said is easily confused and confusing

Money , budgets, credit APR, debits, interest, fixed rate finance aaaagh ! The world of finances and the words of finance can utterly befuddle people.

As you may know if you follow my blog regularly I have been reviewing the Aspire credit card for capital one a new venture for me as credit cards are something I don’t really use.

Credit Made Clearer

Capital One fully understand that credit can be very confusing and so created the credit made clearer toolkit which i am so delighted to show it.

It considers of the A-Z jargon buster so you can look up words that you don’t understand and get these clearly explained. There is also a fabulous list of frequently asked questions such as:

Q What is an APR?

Q What is a credit limit?

Q What is a credit history?

So helpful!

Last but most definitely not least the credit made clearer videos are absolutely awesome. So simple and straightforward they explain aspects of credit so well

Credit Made Clearer Video Library

There is nothing better than a video to explain things clearly. Their credit card videos give you clear and simple explanations on all things credit related, including how to improve your credit score and how to use a credit card. Check out this impressive list

Their latest videos

Old favourites


I think these are just such a great resource and so useful to beginners in the world of credit or those who aren’t too sure what they are dealing with.


Hope they make credit clearer for you!


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