It’s more than okay to holiday in the UK

I have never been hugely patriotic but with the Olympics and The Diamond Jubilee I feel  it’s definitely a year to celebrate being British. I often advocate that before feeling the need to spend a fortune on adventures you should look on your doorstep. There is indeed a lot to be said for holidaying in the UK  this summer.


stone cottage

Photo credit: pachanga

There are many lovely parts of the UK that I have never visited and that I would love to see. Cornwall looks amazing. I would adore to see the Eden project and teach my kids to surf. I have often heard great things of highland holidays too and I love the gorgeous stone Scottish county cottages. I have friends who regularly stay in family barn in Wales on a sheep farm and rave about it. I’d like to try these things and visit these places.

Places I have been and adore are the wild Yorkshire moors and many quaint old seaside resorts. I love the peace and simplicity of youth hostelling in Derbyshire and the Lake District too. I have stayed on a few horse riding farms and camped in Norfolk. I have canal boated along the Trent. I have outward bounded in the Brecons and I have taken my kids to find Dracula and many hills in Whitby.!

The UK is great for budget family holidays. Kids don’t have to travel far. There’s no hanging about airports for hours. It’s often MUCH cheaper and the food is familiar and it very rarely too hot. You will also be doing your bit for the environment.

We have a gorgeous and glorious county right on our doorstep with something for all budgets and perfect for families.  Why not have a look a little closer to home for your dream holiday. Where is your favourite UK  holiday destination?



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