Is this the Boost your washing needs?

 My kids are mucky.

They truly are, particluarly my very active son.

If someone can get their lunch down them , mud and fgras stains intheir trousers oh and pen marks all over their school jumper that will be him.  He comes out of his little school class bedraggled and filthy looking like  he’s been to a full onpark. The others still look shiny clean.

Pigpen from Snoopy? Remember him . Well my son is like that

So washing on 40c doesn’t always pull out the stains and I get pretty frustrated. I was sent

Boost your wash

 Boost Your Wash, which was billed as a new product set to revolutionise washing as we know it. Hmm I am forever sceptical. I ‘ve never seemed to have much luck with the big name stain removers. No match for my son!

Boost Your Wash is a laundry enhancer with a unique formula that works with your regular detergent to turn into a power cleaner. It is supposed to remove stains kill germs and remove odours. In went some trousers with sheeps poo on , some greay scvhool trousers with old mudstains on and a school junoer with blac pen on. These would all normally need a higher was temperatur , a couple of washs or I’d have to live with the added decoration!


It worked! Really. I am VERYimpressed. Will be purchasing from now on.  Much cheaper than buying new clothes!

The powder formula of Boost Your Wash comes in a 500g pack offering approx 16 washes with a handy screw top measuring cap so you get exactly the amount you need. It’s avaible from  in Waitrose, Tesco, Robert Dyas and Ocado with an RRP of £3.99.

Go to for further details.


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  1. Naomi
    October 29, 2010 / 7:25 am

    I need some of that for my 3 year olds clothes!!!! I hate chucking but when stains come out I cannot look at the state of the tops.

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